Might not be considered bridge styles but, what is the term for when a guitar has the strings parallel to the neck to the end (strings are not lifted at the tail where your hand rest). and the ones that have the TOM and lift your hand more off the guitar.

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i know its a weird question. im just wondering if there is a term for the two different styles. like string through bodies usually have the lifted strings (which i cant play on very well). and floyd rose guitars have the most parallel structure throughout
It's all about the neck angle. If you have a tune-o-matic bridge, you need to either have a neck angle or recess for the bridge to sit in to compensate for how high it sits.

Fender guitars use a flush design with little to no neck angle, and telecasters are actually a string through body guitar as well.

So the term is probably just going to be the neck angle. But it's pretty much tune-o-matic vs everything else really.
Nothing, really. Stopbar tailpieces and string-through arrangements angle the strings to maintain tension across the bridge saddles. Too much angle can lead to string breakage, though. On a bridge like the Floyds, the angle isn't as severe, but it is still there. The Floyd design holds the back of the string in place with a lock, but there is still a bit of angle to establish the scale between the bridge saddle and the nut.

Different approaches to achieve the same goal.
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