Wondering if there is a thin coat of nitro on it or just a stain? I love the feel of the neck, nice and smooth, but almost grainy. Same with an epi les Paul limited korina I played. Top is poly, but sides, back and neck are def not poly. Is that nitro too?
I'm pretty sure it's just a stain. There's no finish on mine as far as I know.

If you're thinking about getting it, get it.
My buddy has one, he's taken some stain off picking/strumming. I like the feeling of the no finish, just seems like it would need to be better protected. The epi on the other hand must have something.
Dunno if my Epi has nitro or not, would be nice if it were a bit shinier though as it is very dull from the factory, last time I looked, faded doesnt mean dull. Would a bit of carnuaba wax hurt the duco???