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Yeah, some people are annoying
28 58%
No, I don't really care
9 19%
You're a douche (Pick this one)
11 23%
Voters: 48.
Anyone ever get like this towards someone? Knowing this forum, I'm a huge doucheface for even thinking this.

This thread was a result of one dude I know getting into PETA, talking to me (cause Im the go to guy about animal rights I guess?), and sending me a message on Facebook.

"you and PETA have opened my eyes to our corrupt world govt"


Yes, it sucks and makes me question how positive a thing a friendship is. It's not exactly stable when suddenly you just feel hatred or strong dislike towards someone whose company you used to enjoy. How does one tell them? There is no way of doing it without hurting there feelings and you feel bad and then I end up wondering if dealing with people is worth the hassle, which is why most of the time I don't deal with people. And that is just ur average schoolmate freindship, don't even get me started on dramatic "I depend on you" type friendships where u get sick of someone who is kindoff unstable, and is really attached to you.
i feel like the girl im iterested in has felt this way about me mltiple times this summer...

im sure some cuples even feel this way about each other sometimes though, so i dont think its a HUGE problem...
Riveting tale, Chap!
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Yes, there's this one guy who thinks I'll be all buddy-buddy with him after he used me to get with one of my friends then stopped talking to me after he did.

I thought the OP was confusing, until I read this.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...