I'm looking forward to install dunlop 6000 frets (super turbo jumbo) into my guitar. I'm into hardcore vibrato and I've got jumbo 6100 ATM I believe.

I know what are the pros, but can you name any con that comes with the biggest frets available?

I've got compound radius if it matters. Does it hurt the fingerboard to change frets? I'll take it to a luthier but I don't want to damage my guitar in a long run.
With a low action, you are more likely to get fret buzz. You may also get the note sounding before you finish fretting the guitar. But a lot of people like huge frets. Stevie Ray Vaughn had bass frets installed on some of his guitars. He used very heavy strings and a high action.
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With a low action, you are more likely to get fret buzz.

I don't even think that is true. Action is the measure of the string from the fret, regardless of fret size, so with a proper fret leveling, it shouldn't make a difference.

I don't see any disadvantage to having larger frets.
well excepet if ur sliding around alot on the fretboard
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Taller frets will go out farther out of tune if you have a heavy left hand technique. 6000 aren't that much bigger than 6100, though. I would not pay to replace 6100 with 6000 unless the originals were worn down to the point of needing to be replaced.
Other guitarists will get fret envy.

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