Hey guys, i'm the guitarist in a young danish metal band, and we've just released our first international single today! Professionally recorded in one of the best metal-studios in Denmark, and i'd love if you guys would give it a listen and give me your opinion! If you're not into metal, i'd still love some feedback, and it would be amazing if you wanna check it on itunes as well!

(preferably) you can listen to it here at: Listn.to/ContritionOfficial if you have Facebook
or directly on itunes if you want! : iTunes

I think this song quite perfectly shows how the band has evolved over the last year, and i'd like to know if it is something that you guys would consider buying, or at least listening to

Hope you like it guys! thanks! (:
yes i get that it can still suck even though its professionally recorded, just wanted some constructive criticism, its ok if you hate it dude :p
Firstly, congratulations! Getting a first international single is no doubt an awesome experience. I checked your songs on your facebook page, and even though I am not a fan of this screaming voice techniques, the songs are of good quality. Good luck to you!
Reminds me of Slipknot's latest record. (Don't know if this is a good or bad thing, I'm not a metalhead).
Good song, bit repetitive. But I enjoyed it =]
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Thats pretty ****ing sick guys
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Lol, I didn´t knew my country could make this...
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Thanks for the awesome comments guys! love that you guys like it, and i'd really appreciate if you could suggest it to friends to get it around the internet as much as possible! We'd like to tour outside of Europe too some point !
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Congratulations. As for the music, I didn't like it at all. It was too metalcorey and modern for my tastes. I love old school metal and this didn't sound anything like old school. It sounds just like a melodic version of Lamb of God to be honest.

Best of luck to you, but I won't be a listener. I can't actually give you criticism (even though this forum is intended for that) because you've already been to the studio and this is clearly the direction you want to choose, melodic groove metalcore or something.

PS. Did you know that Iniquity was a great Danish death metal band?
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Ah no i didn't know that!, but thanks for giving it a listen anyways (: We're constantly changing our sound, and i'm much more of a muse/alternative rock kinda guy, so i don't doubt that we are going to change lots over the next few years.. But actually i think your comment will only be taken as a compliment, as the majority of the band totally loves Lamb of God, so it'll be well recieved!