I made a similar post a while back, but thought I'd make a new one in stead of bumping a old one.

Anyways, I'm a beginner to classical guitar and have been looking for a good deal for weeks. Unfortunately whenever I seem to go to buy the guitar (on ebay) they get sold! So Im trying to at a bit more hastily.

2 guitars:

Mannuel Rodriguez Model C for £170


Alhambra 2C: £120

(Apologies and will remove if the links are inappropriate).

I'm trying to just look for value for money my budget is between £100-150, but I could stretch to £170 if the model C was heads and shoulders better than the 2c model.

Any opinions very much appreciated!
Id go with the first one personally, I like the materials better and IMO would sound better
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The mannuel rodriguez looks much higher quality plus paying fifty pounds more for a guitar with a much higher retail price is definitely worth it