It had a bit of a Metallica vibe, but it sounds like you`ve got some classical influences in there too. You have a really have a dinstinctive sound, I hear the Metallica but there`s a lot of originality. There`s one riff that reminds me of flight of the bumblebee. I think it would sound better if the lead guitar sounded different. The tone`s almost bright and muddy at the same time, great solo`s but too obscured by whatever recording/or mxing techniques you used.
Thanks for the c4c! Pretty good all in all, but definatly have to EQ this one the drums come out much louder the the guitarts. EQing it will make the guitars more distinct still very good and as a fig fan of metallica I liked "finding" similar parts of thier work here :P
2/17/08 Kosova's independence!!!
ah....another badass heavy riff.....love it!the beginning was sick...(gives you this primed and ready to kick ass feeling from the commentary)I would say to switch things up a bit...and and put in some other parts...but it just goes so perfect with the video(just heavy straight forward ,primal....and to the point)I liked it.You orchestrated the music to the video very well,i felt as if i was watching a very dramatic cinematic theme to a soundtrack or killer dicumentary .Good job on this...be proud...