Is it normal to use different picks depending on my mood? like today i feel like using dunlop's "croc" pick. while a week ago i feel like using dunlop's big stubby pick.

Is it normal? ans is it a good/bad thing? does anyone here have the same experience as i have where they feel like using different type of picks on different days?
I've never used a different pick based on my "mood." But I do like different picks for different tone or playing issues. I prefer to use a thin pick on acoustic because I think it gives a brighter, better sound. I like to use a thick pick if I'm playing anything fast so that it doesn't bend against the strings and hinder speed.
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well, i sometimes switch between a jazz III and a stubby 3mm. and for acoustic, i use thin picks. but i dont change picks depending on my mood.
I don't change on mood either.
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I try to stick to one pick to keep my technique steady. I can play anything I want with my Jazz IIIs anyway.
I use whatever pick I have available.

EDIT: But I play mostly bass, so i play a lot without a pick.
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well, i sometimes switch between a jazz III and a stubby 3mm. and for acoustic, i use thin picks. but i dont change picks depending on my mood.

^^ THIS.

The mood swings are probably because TS is a woman or something
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How does the jazz IIIs compare to the others? I heard alot about them and good things also, but never used them. The pick seems to small and fat for me.


regardless, just use whatever is comfortable. for acoustic I like thinner picks, easier to get picking dynamics imo
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I switch between jazz III and fender or dunlop med. All depends on tone you want.
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Well I think its great that you might do so. Because its like playing 2 different guitars (in a way) because the change feels nice and new and fresh and inspiring.

Allthough I only use 1 certain pick type at a time...

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It is normal in the sense that plenty of guitarists do it.

I myself switch picks depending on the sound I wanna make, which is, I believe, the real reason you should ever change picks. I use a Dunlop Jazz III for most stuff, and .73 Dunlop Nylon for strumming. I always keep a .73 Ultex and a 2mm Stubby handy, though I use them very very rarely because I don't really like their sound compared to the Jazz III, but they do sound different so once upon a time I use them.
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I've been using the same Dunlop 0.5mm picks for everything I play for years now, I'm so used to their feel that anything else feels foreign and uncomfortable. I've had people try to point out that you can't play fast passages or tremolo pick with a pick that thin, but I've never had any issues, it's all about how you hold it I've felt.
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every once in a while I'll switch between an ultex jazz iii and an eric johnson jazz iii
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sometimes i will switch between different picks but usually not between different thickness. I tend to like the .70-.73s the most so i stay with them. i have some other heavier and lighter picks in the mighty jar o' picks but i stick with the medium gauge.
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I use the purple Dunlop thickest ones, cuz real Metal guitarists would never use any pick they can bend. I heard my idols Dave Murray and Dave Mustaine use the standard medium yellow ones too, though when I tried to return to medium hard picks, I found out that WARNING!!!! after getting used to such a hard pick, I was no longer used to softer ones. Picks with grips not only look cool, they feel great in your fingers. There was ads for Dava and Stone picks. I've tried Dava, though the only perk was that it looked and felt cool. Some blues guitarists have even claimed that it was "tone" that drove them to play Dava picks. I always wanted to try a stone pick, though that would wear down strings faster than acid. I have grown fond of hard picks, and will use them for rhythm, soloing, everything. Nothing will change that.
yeah lately i've just been kind of alternating between jazz III and nylon 1.14 depending on the day, maybe its just a transition phase since after using jazz III's exclusively for a few years i got kind of tired of them :P

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