Hey fellow UGers,

today I finished another song (finally!) and thought I might share it with you. It's melodic death metal-ish stuff with a nice, epic touch to it.

I'd love to get some feedback on it, so don't hesitate to give me some

C4C as always!
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Uhh, the solo is kinda boring.. didn't really stick in my mind at all.. The bass should be something much more creative. Seriously, it makes the song become alive. Also, rhythm guitar should play something more interesting, it's just power chords over power chords near the end. Also, you forgot to use the power of harmonics, natural, semi or artificial ones. Maybe more harmonies, especially guitar&guitar and why not guitar&bass harmonies would definitely give this song some originality and that way a lot more feel into it. Also, definitely more melodies too.

Although, all in all, it wasn't crap either. But as said, many improvements can be done.

EDIT: The acoustic intro was an element of surprise, I found that pleasing. But, you could have used the acoustic guitar in the break for something more creative, create some interesting melodies and perhaps harmonies with other instruments as I've said earlier. I'd kind of like to hear what kind of lyrics are thought to fit this song, would give a better picture of the piece.
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It's kind of good, though that kind of melodic death metal songs seems to have become too typical..
It sounds great; but like Sakke said, the solo wasn't good at all. It would be a good interlude, but not a solo. The break itself dragged on for a bit.

I'm more forgiving of the straightforward rhythm part, because I imagine you'd have vocals over this.

The transitions were a bit iffy, because when starting a new section you don't let the previous parts ring for a bit for a smoother transition. For example, bar 136->137.

It was a good song though, I'd listen to the entire thing if you recorded it.
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This wasnt bad at all. My favorite parts were Intro, Break and the Refrain. Most of the song lacks creativity, like bass ''solos''. They would do nice thing on this. Also the solo was kinda boring, u should try some bends and meaby add a harmony to the ending of the solo. Also you should repeat the acoustic intro.

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