Hey I'm deciding between a few guitars:

Epiphone Les paul Standard
Epiphone Les paul Custom
Gibson SG special (used)
Epiphone Firebird VII (used)
Fender Blacktop Tele

I play mostly punk and alternative (Yellowcard, Switchfoot, Mae, etc.) So i really like a guitar that sounds nice clean but gets some really good crunch.
id go for the Epi les paul standard. Its very versatile whereas the others have their downsides.
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id go for the Epi les paul standard. Its very versatile whereas the others have their downsides.

Same for me.
The Firebird is my favourite but I would have to agree with the others on the Epiphone Les Paul Standard or the SG
in my opinion anything Epi or Gibson is really hit or miss on quality and durability. it depends on what you like, how they play and how they feel to you. play the frets, ask about the pick ups have an "ideal set up" in mind. and pick the one that gets the closest to it. if none of them are there keep looking. it maybe annoying to have to keep looking but its better then wasting your money on something you cant stand to play. i haven't played a Fender blacktop yet but the guy in emmure and the guy in VersaEmerge ( i think not 100% )uses one. it seems like it can do quite a lot.
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i can tell you right nw that the Gibson has way better pickups than the epi's. ut it also depends on what kinda guitar u lookin for. my friend has the same sg in black tho. sounds good but i personally dont like the neck. I would decide which guita u want by trying as many of them out as u can first. I hate Gibson btw< just cuz there over priced. if u can gat one used at a decent price they are great guitars.
If you're ok with putting a little money into a guitar to get the most out of it, check out the Epi G400 custom. It has 3 pickups and with a pickup change or 2, you can get an incredibly versatile guitar. They're made in Korea and the build quality is generally better than Chinese made Epi's. I love mine to death.