I have an epiphone and after years of playin with my band and watching the second guitarist (who plays rythem btw) get his precious gibsons and marshall half stack tube fender amp all for free from his parents. Anyway apart from my sob story I work a minimum wage job which got me a car and pays for insurance and gas. I finally saved up about a grand even with paying for my gas n stuff. I honeslty dislike gibson because they r over priced and everyone plays them I like to be different. Back to the main point, How r vox guitars and is the VOX sdc 33 decent as well. here the link to the guitar: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Vox-SDC33-Double-Cutaway-Solidbody-Electric-Guitar-H70585-i1739383.gc?esid=vox+sdc+33
Vox guitars aren't not too popular but I have a positive image of them. I like their original pickup design.
Vox are one of those brands everyone over looks like Carvin, or Godin.

The one you chose seems to be a pretty good guitar. I would suggest you try one first before buying it.
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Certainly looks beautiful, I'd say try finding one to test out, read the reviews on Harmony Central or UG, etc - but it really all comes down to how you feel playing it, so testing one yourself would be the best option. The pickup design is rather different than what you would find on most other brands so it might be the type of guitar that's hit-or-miss in terms of tone - and because of the shape of the pickups, you might not find replacements, so you want to be sure you like them before buying it.