I'm not sure where to post this, but I was just curious on other peoples thoughts.

I seem to have this uncontrollable urge to play music at all the wrong times...when am out and about I want to go home and jam like I'm crack addict. Or late at night time I can't fall asleep cause i got this sweet idea or if i wake up in the morning real early and can't fall back asleep i'll get up and end up playing guitar for 2-3 hours, wanting to jam so badly. But then we gotta work or school or whatever else we gotta do during the day and I lose that urge to play by the time i finally can. Anybody else get this, or used to and learned to cope with it, how did you overcome it? It's not just guitar, I'll practice drums and be super stoked to go play them asap as well and just....am burnt out from the anxiety by the time i can get behind a kit/guitar.

I'll ride my bike if i have nothing else to do and throw on music try and do something productive, have had this issue forever....as long as i can remember...back in highschool and middle school i'd end up staying up so late i missed class the next day, it really took an effect on my grades. Made an already boring day more dreadful for me, and when i was in class i couldn't focus on class....only music would run through my head...yet I have nothing to show for it because i get home and play and try to put things into song form and just fall apart and say screw it....and hmm i believe that is the end of my rage for the moment lol. It is very frustrating to me and I can't figure it out.
This is where discipline comes in. If you want to be good, you have to work for it.
Nothing that is worthwhile in life will ever come easy.
having a regular schedule can help if you have uncontrollable urges to shred the **** out on your guitar/hit a tambourine or something...

Personally I find motivation comes and goes, finding new bands with awesome guitar work or getting new gear keeps it up though
Build a mini Cigar Box guitar and carry it with you everywhere. That was my plan for school. There's also the altoids guitar but have a look around and I'm sure you'll find some tutorials on instructables. I also believe there is a Cigarbox guitar builders forum somewhere, just google it.
You'll also want to build a tiny speaker. I'm not too sure about effects though.
more discipline in which way? I practice like every day, i make sure i'm in bed by a decent hour (usually just ends up me rolling around in bed). I look for a job almost every day, I do chores around the house...I make myself go out to other places and socialize. I don't have a lot of people to jam with anymore, they've all quit playing or they never practice and I find it boring to play with them now, or we just clash with our styles. Always find people who just like to practice sweeping during practice instead of constructing full songs...people don't seem to want to use the knowledge they have while playing guitar (these kids know their theory better then me but they don't apply it). They just seem uncreative for the most part...if i write something for them to play they can play it....but i don't want to be the only person contributing...often times i feel as if they are just trying to look cool. Also they always play the same riffs....so in that sense i know they don't play their guitar at home, or practice new beats. Close friend of mine that recently starting jamming with me tries to put as many chords into a progression as possible, unfortunately I don't know how to make that sound good....and he's the only one that is down to jam every single day. i personaly feel that less is more more often than not. Sure I love to hear some sweet shredding guitar...when it's not shredding the same scale for an entire year...I feel that he is afraid to try and relearn how to play the major scale in different keys because he won't be able to see it up and down the neck and he must like what he currently plays. Though i know both the drummer we usually play with and I often exchange looks of "wtf is he doing" while we play...other guitarist is usulaly staring at his fretboard...

wow i am rambling.
^ So, what's the problem--other than a lack of sleep? Your first post made it sound like you were unable to practice or didn't want to; now you're practicing everyday. It seems like you're more frustrated with other people than anything.

Do some research on sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. You might find some enlightenment there. Understanding how you sleep will go a long way toward making it unobtrusive. For example, lowering the temperature of your environment is conducive to sleep. It's also good to eliminate TV/computer an hour before bed, as the light will screw with your release of melatonin.

Some advice: paragraphs. The clarity of your longer posts will dramatically improve. And don't abuse the ellipsis. It's...painful...to read... .
Nothing that is worthwhile in life will ever come easy.