Hey everyone

How might someone approach a song like Day At The Beach, by Satriani?
It uses some heavy tapping with both hands. I can hit the notes okay, but even amplified, I can barely get them to sound. So, presumably this is to do with finger strength? How might I go about improving my technique to be able to play it?

That's obviously not me playing, I just wanted a video that would show how it's played
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Practice, practice, practice. No other way around it, really. Run up and down scales with your right hand - treat it just like you would left-handed legato, really, and you'll be fine.
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Definitely lots of practice, it's a whole new thing to get used to and your fingers may take a little while to become accurate at it. Also though, you should mess around with your guitar to try to get the best and loudest sound. Figure out which pickup works best (if you have more than one) and fiddle around with the tone and volume knobs (if you have them) to see what makes it sound the best. Now, I'm not much of a tapper, but I did learn the fun tapping part in Aerodynamic by Daft Punk, kinda like this kid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnJh-bJnX1E&feature=related), and it's a lot of fun. That song has distortion and stuff on it though, so that was another knob to crank around until I got the best sound I could. Good luck and have fun!