So I've been basically making the same post about wanting a band in Norfolk for months, and no drummers have responded, only guitarists. I need to find a site, like craigslist or UG, to find local musicians that are under 18. All sites I've tried have ages 18 and up only, and I'm a high schooler, so that doesn't work for me. Craigslist would be ideal, but it seems as if whenever I go up there, there are only college kids and middle aged men wanting short-term replacements for a gig or two. Any sites/or ideas about where I can find a drummer?
I miss the days when people had common sense/used google.

1. put out an ad.
2. attend music groups that have been advertised
3. ask at a local music store: if the people are friendly, they will know a regular.
4. on sites like this: there are a lot of people from east england here (myself included).
5. who cares if its 18+? lie!
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