Hey guys! I'm in the market for a few speakers, going to either turn my Fender Showman head into a combo or make a closed back cabinet for it. Is it advisable to mix speakers? I was thinking it would be awesome to have one speaker that excelled in low end, and one that was better for highs. The only issue I can think of is micing up the amp during shows, but maybe I'm thinking too far into it.

I'm looking into the Eminence line of speakers. Celestions seem a li'l pricey.

Comments? Thoughts? Trolls?
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There are a few things to consider here. first the speakers must have similar sensitivity (loudness) mixing a loud speaker with a quieter less efficient one means you'll only hear one.

The second thing is that speakers and cabs are built to make a tuned system if you want decent bass. The chances are that one speaker will work best in a different sized cab to the other and your design will be compromised. This will only affect the bass. If you go for open back then this won't be an issue as you don't have an enclosed space, but open back has weaker bass anyway.

The next issue is that the 'character of the speaker is determined largely by all the little frequency bumps and peaks in the frequency response. When you mix speakers a lot of these cancel out as one speaker has a dip where the other has a peak. The net effect is unpredictable but ends up smoothing out the sound so you lose some of the character of both speakers.

There are no rules on this and some swear by their mixed cabs, it is down to taste but usually you will be better off having two identical speakers and taking time to choose ones that sound the way you want rather than mixing and hoping.

I've written a couple of articles on cab design you can access via my profile or in the gear maintenance part of the columns.

A nice approach, but as said - the sensitivity must be at most 2-3db apart. The power rating of each speaker must be at least half of the amp power rating and they must have the same impedance.

Some cool guys do it too - like Dave Mustaine.
eminence and celestion both make packages with different types of speakers in it
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You guys ****ing rule. Thank you for your help.
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