What would be better for higain metal, my stuff is abit like black label society!!

My gear ibanez rg350mye
Hamer slammer diablo
Ashton vp100 head
Iron gear pickups
Zack Wylde uses a Marshall JCM800, which the VC50 sounds relatively close to.

Either amp could use a speaker-upgrade, but I'd take a VC50 over a 6260 any day of the week. I have not peaked inside a VC50 yet, but judging from other Laneys, it's built to a higher standard than a 6260. I also like the tone better, but that's a matter of personal taste.
The VC50 is also more versatile, much nicer cleans and low-gain tones if that's of any importance.
Been offered a good deal on a vc50. Swap it for my spare marshall 4x12 cab
Take the Laney, it sounds more "open" than the Bugera, which is what you need. You don't want the tight, modern distortion the Bugera offers you.