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What kinda peice of crap did rough out your firrst power chords on? Also do you still have this guitar? plz post pictures too

I'll start:
squire strat. threw a kent armstong P-90 in it eventaully. fixed holes with painted duck tape. new tuners nut and bridge after a while. gave it a really crapy abnoxious paint job. it sounds great. made "starp locks from washers". none of my straps were long enough so i made one with a karate belt. I wear it low on stage and its tons of fun to throw around and not worry bout it getting dings.
Samick PRS clone. It was pretty sweet.
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My LTD M-50! with EMG's, its a solid metal guitar......pickups cost more then the guitar though xD
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Yamaha Pacifica Traded it in and only got £80 from it. Wish i hadnt now lol. I love my LP but i played one in a shop about a year ago and it was actually a good guitar. Ah well

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a no name total POS. it had one pickup in the middle of the body and a louieville slugger for a neck. the strings were pretty high off the fretboard as well. suprised i learned anything using it. nope don't have it any more and actually dumped it as soon as i could (back in 1978). also used a Kapa Continental, Supro Dueltone and a Silvertone (made by Danelectro) before finally getting my first "real" guitar an Ibanez Strat copy. didn't have much money back then so i usually used my previous guitar to trade up for the next one. never really developed an attachment to any of them for that reason. kinda still like that even now, if i feel another axe would suit me better then i go for it. of course i have more than one guitar these days as well.
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Samick PRS clone. It was pretty sweet.

yeah that's got a pretty sweet top although i imagine it's probably a veneer - but samick make some pretty good stuff. imo epiphones were a lot better when they were made by samick, peerless, shine etc...

my first guitar was a little classical guitar, i still have it but i don't have any pictures and can't be bothered to take any. i didn't start out bashing out power chords though, in fact i'm more of a power chord basher-outer than ever these days.
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A crappy fiesta red Squier Bullet Strat. Worst part of it... it's still my ONLY guitar
My first guitar was an Ashton, no idea what model like the one below but completely navy blue and no pickguard, i still have it lives at the other end of the country at my moms :p

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my first guitar was a crappy nylon acoustic made my Takamine

my first electric was an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. I got rid of it the second I got my SG, which i consider my first "real" electric guitar.
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100$ washburn superstrat. Definately agathis or plywood. Didnt hold tune and had buzz all over.
2 weeks later I bought my rg and gave the washburn to some kid.
It now resides in a dark dirty closet, never to be used again.
Like it should be.
Mine was an Ibanez Starter kit guitar, i think its like the GAX or something? i dunno, it was sure as hell better than a squire or something!
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Yamaha strat style H-S-S cheap all around. I don't have any pics though
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a guitar called a Satellite 9/B(pic in link below) it actually made a great first electric because i am a lefty and the cutaways were near the same so i had access to the upper frets i just had to use an angled cable because i normal one got in the way i would be still using it but ever since i can remember it has had a rattle so i have appropriately called it the "rattlecaster".
I bought a phoenix strat copy, I still have it. It can't hold tune very long but for the brief moment it does it sounds pretty gritty and nice

It's still around here eating dust. I don't have pictures though.
My first guitar was a used ovation aplause great guitar for the money i still have it and love it.
My first electric guitar was a cheap New York Pro strat copy don't really like it. It's for sale btw.

Alvarez Regent. Not sure the model or year I traded it in on a B.C Rich reverse neck with a lightning crackle finish and a OFL.

Which of course fell apart long ago.
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Mine was a $130 Jay Turser strat knockoff with an agathis body and a badly cut nut. I had to prop the low E up with a wad of paper to keep it from buzzing

I still have it around as a beater.

Stock pic:
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Yamaha Pacifica (not sure which version)
In Lake Placid Blue, now covered in stickers

Glad I kept it.... I use it more than my Ibanez now, as it's easier to down tune than something with a flloyd...and so it's better for metalcore
Ibanez GAX20. it's in my profile picture. now the parts are all in a bunch of other guitars.
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first guitar was a sears and robuk late 60s electric guitar i think it was called the swinger. actually i wish i still had it. might have become a collecters item like the old silvertones are.
epiphone gothic lp
ibanez arc-300
epiphone traditional pro lp
vox ad100vht head.
vox cab
First guitar was a cheap scaled down acoustic i bought of my brother for 40$. First electric was a Squier affinity fat strat. This guitar has had the shit beaten out of it, Neck sanded down, pickups removed but not replaced, new springs put in, paint chipped off allover it, and put up with .12's in standard for a year. I don't care what anybody says this guitar plays amazing. I love it but also love to beat the shit out of it.
Mine was a white Dean Hollywood Z with an imitation Kahler style bridge. I have it tattoed on my arm. Learned alot on that guitar.......

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I started playing on a fat strat knock off and the only identification it has on it is a sticker that says "Cort Musical Company" or something like that. I know Cort makes nice stuff, and i still use it. It has an amazing neck on it but the hardware is crap and the electronics are shot. The bridge pickup is the only that still fully works. I still have plans to upgrade day haha.
My first guitar, which I still have, and have mentioned in other posts, is a 1965 Sears Silvertone "Silhouette" model - Harmony-built.

It's item number 7 on the below page from the 1966 Sears Catalog (upper right corner, with a selling price of $89.95). Basically styled like a Fender Jaguar.

Also note the Danelectro "amp-in-case" models on the lower left.

The only well-known (or semi-well-known) person that I've ever noticed playing my particular model is Sean Lennon (if that counts!)....

The lead guitarist in the band I was in, in Junior High, was jealous of my guitar when I got it, until he got a really nice Gretsch Chet Atkins hollow-body. Now THAT was a guitar worth keeping!
My first guitar was a 1986-87 Kramer Striker 100ST with plywood body and FR2 bridge.
She was relegated to the closet for about 10 years until I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to work on her.

Be nice! Her name is Elizabeth.
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In the end, the only question is: what bass would Jesus play?

I think he's a Fender Jazz guy.
I started out on a flipped 20 year-old BC Rich Assassin, Platinum Series. It was $150 with a hardshell case, and I thought it looked cool, plus there weren't any lefty guitars I could find in the local classifieds, and the only thing I could find in the price range otherwise was no-name black Strat knockoffs with white pickguards, and I'll be damned if I was to be caught playing one of those. xD Of course, I didnt know what a Floyd Rose was at the time(I thought my guitar was called a Floyd Rose when I first got it and went around saying I had a BC Rich Floyd Rose Platinum for about a month before I was corrected) I still think the finish is pretty sexy, but it didn't stay in tune at all even locked down, it weighed a ton, the neck was like a baseball bat(that being said, I still don't like thin necks all that much, but...this was too big. xD) the single coils in the middle and neck position were horrid(the bridge pickup was killer, but...), and the Floyd was extremely tempramental(it popped out of the guitar twice, it only had one screw holding it down).

...I still think it's sexier than most PRSes.
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
i had a late 70's/early 80's les paul knock off, i wanna say cort but i might be mistaken. Kinda wish i still had it for some stupid reason.
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Mine is a Sanox Sound Creator Lp clone, I have had it since '91-92. It is a killer MIJ guitar that I have re-freted, and replaced tuners and electronics.

I just gave my son his first guitar on sunday his 1st B-day.....Dads ol PRS CE22. Think he'll like it?
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My first guitar, a BC Rich bronze warlock. I didn't know anything about guitars. When I played it, I was like "damn, this thing is killer."

Then I got a Jackson DK-2 and realized the warlock was total crap.
I obviously don't own it anymore. Yet, for some reason, I miss it dearly.
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Epiphone Les Paul Standard in Cherry Sunburst. It was a great guitar, but I do not regret selling it for my PRS SE.
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My first guitar was a 1986-87 Kramer Striker 100ST with plywood body and FR2 bridge.
She was relegated to the closet for about 10 years until I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to work on her.

Be nice! Her name is Elizabeth.

I dont care if thats plywood, it looks totally badass!
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Oh, and for resonance . . . smack an open A chord and hold the body and see if it vibrates like a middle-aged woman's best friend.
^ I have since put a Bill Lawrence in her and dude she gets great hair metal tone.
I wouldn't sell that guitar for all the money in Mexico.
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In the end, the only question is: what bass would Jesus play?

I think he's a Fender Jazz guy.
My Squier affinity strat that I still use 4 years later.
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A black squire with a white pickguard. It actually wasnt that bad. It was a 2003 model. I kept it for about 2 years and sold it to a music go round for like 100 bucks. no picks.
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