Hey all, I'm now in the market for a second acoustic guitar.
At the moment I have a Martin DCX1KE with a Fishman Rare Earth Blend pickup system is it which sounds awesome (highly recommend this pickup to everyone - especially the more percussive guitarists out there).

I've been looking at the Martin DC-15ME (DC-15E?). I haven't had a chance quite yet to sit down and really play it for any length of time. Until then, what do people think of it? Are there any other guitars, Martin or non-Martin, that would compare to the DC-15ME?

My absolute max budget is $1800 Canadian, but I'm really looking between $1000 and $1500.

I'm not fussed on any of the fancy inlays etc.. A good pickup with a tuner is a must, although, I will be replacing it with another Fishman Rare Earth Blend at some point.

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blueridge and recording king compare well to martins at that level - you might wanna check some out, although as far as i know, neither have an all mahogany dread. they have some nice sitka/mahogany dreads, though.
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