So I just put up a bandcamp profile/site. The music is just me and my guitar so it's more chill/acoustic. It'd be great if you'd all listen and give me some feedback. I'd be more than happy to check out your music and give you some nice critiques.

Haha, I really dig "We Quit", reminds me of someone I once knew (who was, as you sang quite emphatically, "full of shit"). But anyway, back to the music, it's a good song, your singing is good, and goes well with the style and anger. There was a bit when the harmonies came in that sounded a little strange (though it may be down to style there), otherwise the vocals sound great.

Though personally, I think it could do with a bit of an intro. Your guitar and vocals come in pretty much straight away, it seems so sudden that it's like there's something missing at the beginning. But maybe that's just me. It's good anyway.

Here's my music if you like: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Delfius/
If you could rate "My Guide" (acoustic ballad) or "Imprisoned Reflection" (pop/rock), would be much appreciated. Thanks!
So I'm not entierly sure if I'm supposed to post this in here, but here goes nothing. I listened to "My Guide" and i have to say I was rather impressed. The song played out quite smoothly and the your vocals really seemed to add to the over all effect. They conveyed a lot of emotion and yet they seemed laid back and very accessibale.

If i had to point out one thing that could be improved on, I would have to say that your high notes (mostly some of the falsesetto notes) sound a little forced and not natural. I now it's a cover so you cant control what notes to sing, but it sounds rather good otherwise

Also thanks a lot for the feedback, this is the first time I've ever really put my music on online, or give it to anyone. Thanks a lot for the feed back