Hey guys!,

So, today I was gonna record a cover and when I played my guitar DAMN the first chord sounded horrible, so I tuned it (it wasn't out of tone though). I played again and BAM horrible. Then checked the intonation which was perfect. Turned off the amp, the pedal, turned them both on again, checked my tone pot, checked the EQ in the amp and pedal. Nothing could get rid of this horrible sound. Then I noticed the last 3 strings were the problem. They sounded really bad and almost like a bass.

I played with the pickup volumes a bit. I was on the bridge pickup when I turned down the volume for the neck and the horrible sound wasn't there anymore. I maxed the neck volume again and the sound was there.

How can my neck volume have this kind of "switch"? When I max it out the bridge sounds horrible and when I turn it down about 5mm the horrible sound goes away.

What's the problem? And what should I do?


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First things first, i'm assuming this bad sound isn't there when the guitar isn't plugged in..?
Open the guitar and check the connections on the wiring, it's possible something just slipped off and needs to be soldered back again, it happens.
maybe it's the player that sounds bad..

(just kidding)

check the action between the strings and the pickups, too high or too low can cause some really bad sounds

it could also help if you describe the sound, scratching? feedback? it's hard to tell from "horrible"
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These aren't active pickups, are they? If they are, then change out the battery or batteries.
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i've checked the pickup height a lot. They're not actives.

Can the volume pot affect the sound?

The sound is like a scratching really low bass like sound.
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Pickups don't normally "break," as there aren't any moving parts in them (unless you count the screws, but they don't move during the pickup's operation). A bad connection or a dirty pot (which causes a bad connection) can definitely have a detrimental effect on your sound. Check all of the wires and solder points in your guitar for frayed wires, broken connections and split shielding on the wires. If you don't see any such things, then you probably have either a bad pot or a bad output jack. Both are an easy and cheap replacement.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
I have a busted volume pot on my ibanez atm. It spun all the way round till I took it apart and sorted it. It's scratchy as it is, sounds horrible when you turn it to a certain point, giving you about half of your sound. Turn it back from max even slightly and it blares back into life.

I did buy a new pot but the tip was too bloody short. And then I stopped playing guitar. I'll get round to fixing it someday soon, I'm sure.
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