I wrote both these songs last night in less than an hour altogether. So yeah I know they're not too fantastic, but whatever.

I Promise You
Life’s not easy
Life’s not fair
You’ve got somewhere to go
I’ll take you there
Don’t waste time sittin’ about
Get off your ass and do what’s best
I don’t care how hard it is
If you wanna make it to heaven
You’ve gotta go through hell
But before you do that
You gotta get stronger, gotta get tough
Only way to succeed is to know what to do
I know the less and I’ll teach you well
Just listen to me to escape hell

Things can’t possibly get worse
So don’t worry
Just think about how much better they will be
Hold on just for today
If you fall I’ll catch you
And I’ll put you right back up again
Focus on the good side and you will make it through
I promise
I promise you

I know this road is tough
It’s harder than hell
If you wanna make it through than you can’t quit now
Just keep fighting and I’ll tell you how
Give doubt a knockout punch
And despair a kick in the face
You can’t have any fear if you take this trip
It’s a crazy one I know
But if you wanna win the fight
All will be yours,
The eternal might


I know that things are down
You have no purpose it seems
But just remember what the winning price is
There is the finish line right ahead of you
You can taste the victory
Just follow through
I bet you’re glad now that you listened to me
But the truth is this was all you
I just showed you your inner strength
Now take it and show others too

I Don't Believe It
I don’t believe it when you say you love me
I don’t believe it for a second at all
Just your way to suck me in
Than when I care you’ll crush me
Just like all you’ve said it to before
I don’t believe it when you say you worry
I don’t believe that at all
You’re too consumed in your own life
Than when I take my fall you won’t care
You won’t care at all

You just lie to me
You lie to us all
I can’t believe you
I can’t believe you at all

I don’t believe it when you say I’m your whole life
I know that’s just a lie
I’m just another lover to be tossed aside
I don’t believe it when you say you need me
I know that’s just a fib
You just need someone to abuse
Taking it I’m guilty of
I can’t stand up for myself
All I do is hide
I just can’t believe you at all

Everyone is just a pawn
If your life size game of chess
I can’t you’d use me
I can’t believe I loved you

I don’t believe you when you say you miss me
I know you’re just out with “him”
I can’t believe you’d lie right to me
I don’t believe this at all
I don’t believe you when you say you hurt
I just believe you want attention
And that is all
I can’t believe I let you in
What was I thinking?
All you’ve done is ruin me
Ruin me and what could be
Now I’m just sitting here
All by myself
My life’s been changed
But only for the worse
I’ve lost the pieces to this puzzle
No way to put it back
Just no way to turn time back

I don’t believe you
I just don’t believe you at all