hey all im relearning guitar again, after a 10+ year break....
seems every song im trying to learn is in a different tuning, and most are really low.

i may be weird but i don't really want to have to change strings, and adjust action, and rods, and whatever else, just to play a few songs. so im thinking of buying a 2nd guitar to use for drop C or other low tunings.

my current guitar is an epiphone les paul standard, which i like, but it is a bit heavy and the neck could be smaller for my small hands. i figure ill use it for standard and drop d tuning.

so any recommendations for a guitar for drop c tuning that is light weight and has a smaller neck then epiphone les paul?

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Budget? Brand preferences? Floyd/ fixed? Everythings got a thinner neck then a epi les paul

this + location please

otherwise Ibanez, PRS and Jackson are brands you should look at.
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as for budget, the less the better, but up to maybe like $800. preferably around $500.

no brand preferences really, maybe ibanez, fender, gibson, esp, any quality brand really.

i prefer fixed bridge, and im in so cal.

Ibanez Arz800
Ltd Ec-1000

Theres some nice used ibby prestiges on ebay if you change your mind about the trem.
i checked out the suggestions. i really like the LTD 1000, but it says it has extra jumbo frets, does this mean the neck will be bigger then epi les paul? the ibanez art series looks cool too, not sure if i would prefer the ARZ or the ART version.