hey all, you must be sick of me by now! So I posted a thread earlier stating I want a new amp to get those GN'R, Aerosmith style tones (I play a Gibson LP Studio), and was wondering what the general consensus of;


that is? Is it worth it? Could it get those tones and is 50watts enough to gig with? I use a combo at the minute, but wanna get a half stack
That exchanges out to US$566.00. If it is in good shape, then that's not bad. The Vintage Modern is a nice amplifier. It is about the only post-1983 Marshall to survive the wall of Marshall hate you will encounter on these forums. It will definitely get you a classic rock tone if you pair it with a good cabinet. If you like it, then by all means go for it.
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Thanks for the speedy response, do you think I'd get a better classic rock tone out of that or a Mode Four? I was also looking at JCM2000 DSL's
The Mode Four is a lot more versatile than most people credit it with being, but it is a hybrid amp designed primarily for modern metal. I like it, but a lot of people do not. It gets a fine classic rock tone, but for what you want to do, you are better off with the Vintage Modern. It is closer to the amplifiers used on the original recordings you mentioned. The DSL is also a good choice, but the Vintage Modern is more in line with classic 1970s and 1980s hard rock tones. It seems to be the go-to Marshall for a lot of people trying to recreate the glory days of arena rock.

Oh, and a 50-watt head is plenty to gig with, unless you plan on playing very large outdoor arenas. A 50-watt Vintage Modern on a good 4x12 cabinet would make a fine hard rock rig; one that you wouldn't outgrow anytime soon. You'll probably be surprised at just how loud such a rig can get.
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The VM is great if you don't need pristine cleans and want a good classic rock through hair metal crunch. Really nice amps. The Mode Four, like already stated, isn't really designed for the tones you want but could do an approximation. They don't really hold their value used though and they're a very tough sell. The DSL isn't a bad amp but if you don't need the channel switching, the VM sounds better for what you want IMO.
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The Marshall Vintage Modern is indeed a tube amplifier. The Brits just call them valves.

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One last thing (I promise!), could you guys recommend me a good cabinet to go with it?

in my experience it likes closed back cabs.

i'd pair it up with a greenback or blackback loaded 412.
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Well; the Vintage Modern 425A or 425B would certainly be a good choice:

Any good closed-back 4x12 with Celestion Vintage 30s would be a solid choice. Or you could get a similarly designed 2x12 cabinet.
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