Hey guys, last week I was busy with some ideas I had, so now theres a whole composition.

I was recording it in garage of a friend, with set of Cad (and other) mics, audio interface and a pair of yamaha monitors. I'm new at recording acoustic guitar, so give me some advices please. I was recording it with some Cad (from the right side) and with Beyerdynamic (from the left side). My attempt was to record stereo sound (you can see that at 0.43 secs), but I failed a lot and then recorded first and last part again with just Cad. I think the product is not bad, but for the next time, I would realy be happy with something more. So, what microphones at what positions and how to mix.

Give me your opinions, advices please and thank you (:
Cheers, Gasper
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Hey... Thats a pretty nice composition you've come up with! And I kinda agree with the other comment you've been given about the drums drowning out the guitar! I think the acoustic guitar playing was a bit choppy but good nonetheless..try and play a bit more smooth and it will flow better...
Unfortunately I can't give advice on recording cos I aint got a clue...

Feel free to check out my originals on my page:
Hey man that was pretty sick piece. I think that The electric solo over the song adds a really nice and unique touch to it. The solo had a really nice flow and even the mistakes sounded good.
I know this might sound kind of lame. But when i record i just use a BLUE SNOWBALL usb mic. It really is good at picking up acoustic guitar, and its insanely simply and easy to use.

If you want to see how it sounds feel free to head on over to my bandcamp site and take a listen. It would be much appreciated.