Use your right palm to mute them.
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Use your right palm to mute them.

this is what i do
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The tip of your index finger should be touching the 5th string muting it. I wouldn't play the low E string at all.
You should only be strumming the B, G and D strings. The right hand should mute the lower strings and the left hand should mute the higher strings, this is a precaution, just in case you accidentally hit a string you're not supposed to or if sympathetic ringing happens - you only strum the strings that you want to sound.
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Depends on the speed of the song, usually i can just release all strings and place all of my fingers across them, then bring them back into needed position

Never had problem with that.

Try slightly lifting your index and pinky to mute those two notes youre playing and let ring/middle finger take care of the other two
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Try using index finger to mute the 5th string and thumb over to mute the 6th, the only issue is it may be difficult to play the octaves on the g and high e strings.