Hi I'm Sam, I'm 17 I have been playing guitar for 7 years and in that time I have come across SO MANY posers and lazy wankers that iv'e nearly lost all faith in young musicians! I just want to make a decent living out of music, I am willing to play ANYTHING from Arctic monkeys to Arch Enemy to Periphery to Volbeat. I live in Sheffield but I can travel a little bit to other cities. Absolutely no time wasters what so ever, If you can't practice and gig at least once a week then do not bother contacting me.Call or text me on:07582421566. Or Email at: stunly@hotmail.co.uk
Damn, it's a shame I live up near Newcastle. It's a shame there aren't many people like us around.
I'm 17 too, and I know exactly what you mean about posers! 9/10 people with a guitar in their profile pictures on my Facebook can't play! But yeah, I'm located near Manchester, so it'd be a bit of a trek :/
I can do online collaboration, but I'm only 13, so can't travel. However, I totally agree, I see a lot of posers my age on guitar. Unlike them, I take the time to practise scales, and exercises to improve, not just songs that are popular. Also unlike them, I know the meaning of, and can do, such techniques such as tremolo picking, sweep picking, tapping, trills etc.