Hi guys,

I own a Fame Bulldozer Head (Tube amp) with a 2x12" ENGL Vintage Box. The distorted channel is gut, although I think it sounds quite "dry". Could you recommend me some pedal that I can use to get a solid metal tone. Play stuff from Megadeth, Testament, Metallica, Pantera sometimes Slayer...
Should I go with the Electro Harmonix Metal Muff on the clean channel?
Thanks in advance.
Cheers, Boris
mxr fullbore metal is good, and supplies so much more than is needed, but at halfway it sounds nice!
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Is the Fullbore Metal better than the Metal Muff?
For me seems to be like that, what do you guys think?
How good is the Bad Monkey?
I would like to crank the amps gain up, and I have a good distortion. What I never liked, was that the tone pretty dry is.
What OD Pedal can I use to get a real heavy metal tone?
Like Styker said, with that sort of amp you'd typically boost it, since the amp has plenty of gain already. The Bad Monkey works nicely for boosting.
Metal Muff is a no no. If you look at the bands you play they most likely have a over driven Orange/Marshall/Peavey and are driving is with a Ts-9 or Ts-808.
Look at AMT pedals legend series, they have just about any great hi-gain amps in a pre amp pedal. They are really nice sounding.
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With which one would you go? the TS808 or with the Bad Monkey if you were on my place?
Dont get tube screamer/badmonkey/other OD. Its a waste of money. Because youre only gonna use the clean boost of it, just get EQ pedal instead so you can sculpt your sound to perfection. And EQ pedal is the best pedal.
Quote by BOrisMK
With which one would you go? the TS808 or with the Bad Monkey if you were on my place?

Id look at maxon od808s or just a ts9.

The maxon goes for about $100 used, $150 new.
The ts9 for $50-60 used, $99 new.

There both pretty much the same so if I were you id save a few bucks and get a used ts9.
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Ok, I will listen to your advice and look for a used TS9. Hope this time will work like i planed.
Thanks for your advice. By the way, I watched a video on YouTube. The differences between TS9 & Bad Monkey are so small, the biggest difference is that the Bad Monkey costs 48€ and the TS9 139€. What are your experiences with the Bad Monkey?
EQ-Pedal is not a bad idea as well, but I'm very litle experienced in this field. Could you recommend me some good EQ Pedal as well?

I own the badmonkey, it works pretty good. When you're using an OD as a clean boost, the BM and a TS9 are insanely similar. Minimal difference. And I like that the BM has seperate bass and treble controls. The ts9 is SLIGHTLY more middy.
I would like to use the pedal for metal, I have a good distorted channel, but what I wanted to know is how the distortion from the Bad Monkey is? My plan is to crank the amp up (gain max), boost it with the BD (gain 1 o'clock), and add some distortion from the pedal as well. Tone Knob on 0.
What do you think about this?