Hi people... yesterday I was playing in my acoustic guitar when the strap broke and I left my guitar fall to the floor, and now, when i play the 12th fret of the high E string it comes the sound of the E note but also a "bzzzzzz" i mean the sound isnt pure... but only happens when i play the 12th string of the high E, do you know why is that happening ?? Is it because of maybe something broke or is it because the strings are gueting old or Im just worried for no reason ??? please help me :S
Try tuning it
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When you dropped it, the neck probably twisted a little bit and it's now out of line and not straight. So now at certain points of the neck, it's in a weird position to the strings, causing the buzz.
I think you can take it in somewhere to get fixed.

I remember when I was buying strings for my bass (I brought in my bass so the guy could tune it because I've kept snapping a string when tuning it for some reason) he said the neck was bowed and said he could fix it, although I never really took him up on that deal.
it doesnt seem twisted :/ the guitar can be tuned with no problem, and it hardly gets out of tune ...
It's the truss rod, bro. Like the guys above have said, take it to someone who knows what they're doing. It's easy to fk that up if you' don't know what you're doing.
Being able to tune it doesn't mean it's not twisted. When you fret the 12th, look closely to see if the string is touching anywhere it shouldn't.
My little brother dropped his too. Only it caused way more damage to his. It was not a cheap fix.
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It's probably not a big deal. Just try and find somebody in your area who knows something about guitars and is able to fix it.
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in the music store do you think they can fix it ?

75% of the time, unless they're guys who sell like 50 different instruments that aren't really rock related. If its guitar center it'll probably be overpriced.
my acoustic is a fender cd 60 , and it has a really good sound, if they fix it , will the sound be afected ?
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my acoustic is a fender cd 60 , and it has a really good sound, if they fix it , will the sound be afected ?

I highly doubt it unless they're amateurs.

Also you should see if its a problem with the bridge of your guitar.
im looking at the inside of the hole of my acoustic guitar and i see the truss rod, just a question, it should be centered right ?? if it is not then iv a problem right ?? :S
My problem was solved =D , i took it to the music store, and the guy found the problem, the problem was in the bridge, he just add some kind of paper under that white thing ( :P ) and the buzz stoped =D