So, I am starting a projecy of building a Telecaster. After trying many Telecasters out, I couldn't really find one in my price range that I liked all around, so I decided to piece one together.

It will basically be a Vintage Modified style Tele. I plan on using a Mighty Mite neck, I had a Mighty Mite Strat neck that I loved. Unsure if I will go with a standard or a V profile yet.

My question is, how is the quality of the GFS Tele Bodies? Are there any alingment or fitting issues with standard Fender parts? Or should I just go with a Mighty Mite body?

Also, how is their hardware? I have no problem spending the extra bucks if genuine Fender or other "name brand" aftermarket companies are much better, but if I can cut some coin on certain parts, that would be cool. I am looking at their Wilkinson Tuners, Vintage 3 Saddle Bridges, Control Plates, Jacks/Furrels, String Furrels, String trees.

Well, if I am not going cheap, I would go with a Fender bridge. For a Vintage style/3 saddle type, it would only be $10 more over a GFS one, so I might as well be safe.

Tuners I have not decided on yet. I like the standard Fender ones on my MIM Strat, never had tuning problems, and they aren't too unreasonable at $60.

What about using GFS things like Knobs, Control Plates, Jack/Furrels, pickguards? Does the quality of those really matter much, since it doesn't contact the strings or any of the real function of the guitar?
GFS makes some good stuff for the prices. I am finishing a Tele bulid that has GFS pots,tuners, p/u's and the parts are deff worth the price. The tuners work really well, I bought 2 sets for less than the price of 1 Grover and can find no reason to belive they will not last.

The Bodys and necks, I have no experiance with, but I do plan on ordering a body and neck in the next few weeks.

Look at it this way you can get all electronics,p/u's,knobs, hardware for the price of the Duncan hot rod HB set.

PS the Fat Pat I bought replaced a Dimarzio SD, in my LP clone. The only problem is the Poles seem to be spaced for a trem not a TOM bridge But it works well anyways.
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Guitar Fetish has the Wilkinson vintage style six-a-side tuners, and those kick tuning ass!
Also, GFS is the name of the pickup and pedal company whose products are sold exclusively through Guitar Fetish. Just being a prick, don't mind me.
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I mean, I have delt with GFS before. I have a tuner set on a old First Act/Parts Caster that I use for playing slide, they work great. I also have their VEH Pickup that sounds great. But I also had a set of "Cream" Strat knobs that looked like shit and their rebrand BiYang "Brownie" Sounded like garbage.

I may try their parts out for the Tele. I once had a strat bridge from them that I wasn't happy with, and Jay took it back for a full refund no questions asked.

Still, anyone have any experience with their Tele Bodies?