Hey guys, I am thinking of selling my current LTD M-1000 and getting back into Jackson.
Although I loved the way the M-1000 played when I bought it I find the neck and radius a little too thick.

I may be getting crazy though and it may be the current setup making it difficult to play so I may send it on a luthier and give it one more try before selling it.

Now, I am looking at the Jackson SLSMG, and would like some opinions by current owners of this model or other soloist series. I know the Jacksons I am looking onto, have less thick and more flat necks than my ESP because I owned a Jackson DXMG before and I kind of miss it. I mean I used to do less mistakes on few songs by playing that jackson in comparison to my M-1000.

I could also afford an ESP M-II, but still I am not sure about their necks. I suppose the M-II has the same neck/radius as the M-1000 right?

Give me some insight on this, thanks.
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If you personally feel that you like the Jackson necks more, then there is no point in getting an ESP MII. I'd say, get that setup, and if you're still unhappy, go for it. But I'd get the SLS3 instead of the SLSMG
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I own a SLSMG with EMG actives. Nice guitar. My opinion is that it has a somewhat more narrow range than say (for example) a Les paul or strat, but in its area it performs very well. Be sure it supports your play style and music genre. After that, you will have no regrets. The design and workmanship are beautiful, the neck is smooth and it rocks.

I can't offer much more regarding my opinion of its range. You will need to spend some time with the guitar to make your own determination.
Thanks for your replies. I don't think I would go for the SLS3 because it has passive pickups. I like the EMG's I have right now.

Another question is about the floyd rose. On my M-1000 I kind of feel like there is some vibration on some notes or power chords but not on everyone. So if I play a fretted note(again doesn't happen on all of them) there is a vibration coming on the tone. You can hear the note sound going high and low, can't really explain it.

Also action and fret buzz is an issue. So that's why I am looking at a non-floyd bridge this time. Could you tell me if the SLSMG can hold tuning good?
I don't think I will be tuning down, mostly standard, maybe Drop D for songs like Sad But True
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I was gonna suggest the SLS3 because I hate actives, but to each their own. And the high and low sound your hearing is most likely because both ends of the string are ringing, not just the side that the pick up picks up (lol)
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So that's normal? It happes on guitars with no floyd too?
I thought it's because of the floyd system, and the emgs picking too much vibration.

I don't think it's normal though because it kind of messes my tone when it happens.
Ibanez RG821 + Ibanez TS9
Peavey Vypyr 30 + Sanpera

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