Saw them live once, it was an amazing performance. I should really listen to more of their music. All I know is How I Got Over (the album), but I will definitely be getting more. Unfortunately, I feel like you're not gonna get many people talking about them here, since this community seems to hate hip-hop...
It's a shame that hip-hop gets no recognition. I know that there is a lot that's pretty unimpressive, but The Roots are one of the most interesting groups I've heard, regardless of genre.

If you're looking for other albums, I'd suggest picking up Things Fall Apart, Phrenology, Do You Want More?!!!??!, and Organix! Hell, pick them all up, it's totally worth it
How I Got Over was in my top three albums of 2010. I really need to check out their other discography.
we do have a 250 page (or 500 page, if you are on 20 ppp) thread on hip-hop. i won't close this, it probably just won't get as many viewers as the other would.
I don't get the dislike for hip hop. I'd rather jam with the guys from the Roots than a lot of rock/punk bands I've come across.