I'm planning on stretching my budget for a new Main guitar in order to afford this

I've been gassing for it pretty hard for a while and after seeing Paul Masvidal of Cynic use them, I can't take my mind off them. I just have a few issues with the fact that I will never try one personally since I live in Egypt.

The reason I ask is because I am moving up from an Ibanez 350DX and I can easily afford a safer guitar such as a Prestige Ibanez, ESP, or an American Made Fender for the same price.

My questions, for those who have tried this model, are:

Is it worth it, buildwise? or should I just wait until I can afford one of the older models.

How does the neck feel? is it thin like an Ibanez or something else entirely?

Is learning to use and setup the TransTrem easy or will it be a nightmare (I have difficulties with setting-up a regular floyd rose, even though if I put my mind to it, I could learn how)
Hey dude,

I don't own the model your after, and i'm yet to play one, but I may be able to offer some insight into Steinberger ownership. The lack or replies is most likely due to Steinbergers not having a huge contemporary following.

I recently got myself a Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe, which according to the webiste has the same neck profile as the ZT3. I personally love the neck on mine, its a neck that feels instantly comfortable to me. I'd say not as shallow as an Ibanez but still slender enough to fly around easily.

As for build quality: My spirit retails at £299, considerably cheaper than the £1000+ for a ZT3, and I cannot fault the build quality. Great fret job, paint work, hardwear and the R-Trem is really easy to use. From what ive seen you dont have to teach yourself to use the Transtrem, the semitone and tone points in each direction are preset (you just have to line up and lock), any owners correct me if im wrong though!

Like i said, i cant speak entirely accurately for the ZT3, but if owning a Spirit gives any insight then I hope it helps.
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Thanks man for responding,

I'm worried about taking a risk with these guitars (I read some reviews on the internet that the TransTrem broke while they were using it, which worried me sick). Others have said that they couldn't set up the TransTrem or even learn how to use it properly due to the lack of information, and ended up returning the guitars (not an option for me as I live in Egypt, I'll be shipping from the US though). Finally, they don't have Double Ball String here so I'll be shipping large sets of these every now and then.

The thing is, its going to be my main guitar with no backup for a while (2 years) because I still need to buy a higher end amp. So I'm thinking I should go with a safer guitar now, like a Fender Deluxe or something.

But anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it.
those guitar look awesome. the smaller ones would be the best travel guitar ever.

but the transtrem sounds amazing. i wish more trems did that. ive heard mixed reviews about quality on lower end models.

and yeah, availability of the guitar and strings is tough. in the US its anoying, overseas...man, that sucks. but these guitars have always intregued me.

not sure if i would drop a grand on one initially, but i thought of getting a cheapo one for traveling or a backup.
Yeah, the Transtrem is pretty sick, I normally hate tremelo bars but the idea of bending chords in tune and dropping the tuning of the whole guitar that quickly is awesome.

The ZT-3 is ****in sexy, even though I'm not one to care about cosmetics. Another concern of mine is that I'm paying 1500$ for a Korean built guitar, I'm not to sure about that. I'll probably wait until I can get my hands on an older model or something.

Thank you for responding, I think I'll stick to whats safe and get an American made Fender Deluxe or something similar.