Hi guys,

ive recently been looking at buying the Vox Tonelab LE second hand but it hasnt been so easy cause most people dont know how to use ebay and randomly raise the price for no reason. but anyway the only problem that i have with it is that there is no phrase looper so i am looking to buy one but i cant spend a whole load of money at once on an MFX Pedal and a loop station so i am hoping that you guys can tell me which ones you know that cost $130-$175 or less.

thanks in advance
For $230 (less with a sale, which occurs once a month), you can get a Zoom G3 with a ext expression pedal. It has a 40 sec looper with synchronized drum machine. It the only looper I know of with a progress bar. Which comes in handy for overdubs. A synchronized drum machine is important with a looper if you want drums.

Songs done with the G3 looper are in my profile. Some Bird, Baldwin Park, Outta Town, and Orange Chimera are all done on the fly with the internal drum machine.
I loved the Boss RC-2 when I had it. I only sold it because I was too much of an idiot to use it properly. Give it a look
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I dont know how much they are now bu I bought the digitech jamman about 2 years ago and I still have it. It was 300 then but it might be less now. Also they have a single foot switch version that is cheaper. But yeah the boss rc-2 is pretty good too. Ive used one before. I think they run like 140 us which is in your range. good luck
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You should be able to find an original Jamman like blueslover26 mentioned for around $150. I have one and it works well.