Hey guys,
I'm having trouble with my VSTi Philharmonik. Whenever I play it sounds totally fine, but whenever I record the notes and then have it playback it sounds absolutely terrible. I have recorded a brief example


I decided to record the same thing in reaper, and I have no problem there, this is what it sounds like in Reaper.


If you get far enough into the first one, you'll notice that the strings sound like they're dying, and squeeking. Incredibly annoying. I have installed everything and I cannot figure out why the playback is so much different. If anyone knows what is wrong please enlighten me!

Thanks in advance,
Problem found: I have an Oxygen 49 Midi Controller and the Modulation wheel was all the way to the max, I doubt anyone else has this problem because it's probably the stupidest thing I've ever done.]

EDIT: Nevermind, that wasn't the issue

EDIT 2: It's also worth noting that when I press spacebar to play the track, if my time bar is on a chord when I press play, it sounds totally find until the next chord comes along, then it starts sounding weak.
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To summarize: Philharmonik sounds different in Cubase, as noted by the audio files I have given. In reaper it works fine. If the time bar is ON the note and I play it, it sounds fine, but the next note will sound weak, almost like its being passed through a filter. It works fine in reaper. Please help me guys