Selling an Ampeg VH-140C Head.
Insanely heavy, its famous for how good it is for death metal. Big deathmetal bands still use this as their head (Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Misery Index).
Crazy amount of gain, can handle pretty much any type of metal.
Cleans are decent too, its known for sounding similar to a Peavey JSX (Joe Satriani). But its distortion channel is where this monster shines.
If your hesitant, just google it and read up on it a bit.

Great condition, just minor cosmetic damage.
Only reason i'm selling is to fund for a new head, OR drum gear.

Heres my tradelist :

Peavey 5150 (Head)
Peavey 6505 (Head)
A decent 8 string guitar.
Drum Gear (Set, Double Bass Pedals, Snares, Cymbals, a good kick drum etc.)

PM me on here, or
TEXT me at (816) - 5 nine 0 - zero 8 two 4

I can ship. Any transaction will be done through Escrow most likely.

PM for pictures.
Where are you located?
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Hey man Im by STL and would like to trade..Let me know if interested.

I only have 1 amp and its too high end to trade unless you wanna throw in about $800 plus amp.

Otherwise Here is a list of things I have:

Jackson PS4 w livewire hmet
Jackson dinky firestorm
Furman, Metal Zone, Zoom 5000

Exile 1000w amp

2x12" mtx in box