i am currently Tabbing Brothers in Arms in the Fingerstyle version of Dan Holloway:
i have almost no experience in tabbing, but i think i got the intro 100% right until this point
(ca. 0:42).
But i am reallyhaving trouble to figure out the akkords that Dan plays in the next section.
I am happy to share what i did so far, feel free to cemment and improve.
Kind regards from Germany,
Brothers in Arms.gpx
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dam, that might be a hard one there , for me anyway i have a link to a web that has that song , its like a play along tab thing it plays the notes while it gives u the tabs , but uhm its not as fingerstylish as i think the video u put up is , but idunno ill let u be the judge


"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
Thx, Marqway.
that isnt really what im looking for, but thank you anyway.
I'll just sit here and listen to this song until my subconscious learns it ^^
gluk bro,that song is amazing well put , if u can tab that whole thing man u'll have a good peice in ur arsenal = ) g'luk,
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
theres always the option of joining the site linked under the vid or appeal to someone who has already joined altough dont know how you would find them. it might be worth the cost to learn it and, if your anything like me, get the song out of your head. you'd have access to a bunch of other material. i know thats a pretty obvious route, but chances are you will be waiting long if you ever see it on here at all. You could try Mike Herberts site. Has a lot of FP stuff for free (dont know link name, google it - just need to sign up) and havent been on in a while, but might have a version.
@ mullet: yeah i considered joining Dans Site, because his arrangements are all pretty nice, from what ive seen until this point.
But 13$ a month seems a bit pricy, and i'm a poor Bachelor Student, and for that money i might as well play World of Warcraft :P
this particular version of Brothers in arms is adapted and arranged by Dan Holloway, so i doubt anyone else has it.

I'd like to repeat: i'm not looking for someone to finish my tab, i just need some help figuring out the chords.