My uncle just randomly bought an old epi semi acoustic to restore. The only problems are a crack in the neck which doesn't need repaired, although suggestions would be nice, and one of the pickups won't respond. You get no feedback or noise with the switch on that pup, nothing at all. Neither of us are experts with this so if you could tell me what some of the problems could be that would be great! i will be seeing him this weekend so i need some possible places to start when we do work on it.
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Take a look inside and see what the wiring looks like. If it's just one pickup chances are it's your switch or a pot that have either failed or become disconnected.
1) Remove the knobs. Undo the bolts on the pots.
2) Unscrew the pickup rings.
3) Pull the wiring out of the body.
4) Check all of the connections. If any connections are shotty, or non-existent, resolder them.
5) Plug into an amp, and play an iPod very loud through some shitty earbuds. You'll be able to tell if the pickups are both working. Don't worry about returning everything to position at this point.
6) If the pickups work, put them back in.

Two, or maybe three questions. Quite possibly more.
What model is it?
Is the neck painted?
Can you post pictures of your progress? Especially gut shots (of the wiring) so I can help as much as possible.
How big is the crack?
Is the neck straight?
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Depends, I don't know what pickups go good with plywood. EMGs will make it sound like every other EMG guitar though.

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it needs a silver flakes
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no clue what the model is, i played it once. same goes for the neck being painted.
The neck seemed strait and definitely playable.
Haven't seen the crack since i played it and that was minor.
All i know is that it was an old epi semi acoustic that didn't work right so we got it for 100 dollars. All i really remember was a transparent uncolored finish, two tone and two volume pots, and a bigsby on it.