I have a lot of what if questions, so bear with me.

I recently got my LTD EC-1000 re-set up for drop tunings with GHS Boomers 10-60s. I wanted to try something new, and if worse comes to worse I can always switch to a different set.

Anyway, when I say drop tunings, I meant drop C. I do like to play in standard sometimes, so I asked if it was ok to tune it to standard and he said no. I understand that with the strings being much bigger, but what will happen if I do tune it to standard.

Also, the neck is bowed upwards (like a parabola) again, I am sure this was attentional. What would happen if I messed with it to make it more straight?

My main worry is some kind of injury to the neck; while I have a replacement warranty, I don't want it to break. Like I said, these are all what if. If I can't do it thats fine, but regardless I would like to know. If you need anymore information let me know.
First things first necks are designed to handle tremendous pulling force. I believe there can be over 200 pounds of tension on a guitar neck at any given time.''With that being said if you tune up to standard then you will exert excess force on the neck causing your neck to bow. This will raise your tension knock out your guitars intonation and raise your action considerably.

Which means when you tune back down you will have to re-set up your guitar all over again.

Also if there is no buzzing then leave your neck alone. If you don't know what you're doing you can make your guitar unplayable. Lastly neck are really not supposed to be completely straight.
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