How? :O Books? I always wondered this whenever a guy comes and says he is been self taught for 20+ years or whatnot :O
I self taught myself without using the internet too. Books, bro.
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You could use books, there are plenty of books out there with basic guitar stuff, and even in depth music theory. Or, you just dick around until you're good, which isn't that hard
It's called school I believe.

Oh...if you mean guitar...oh...
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I make music sometimes.
I know a guy that has been playing for 40 who is self taught he learns from guitar magazines and books usually and just experimenting around on the guitar.
my uncle learned by a book
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I would never have the motivation to teach myself the guitar without the internet...I guess I'm too dependent on it =(. Props to folks who learned it by ear or books :O
I just played the first thing that came to my head in my room for years. I sometimes jammed with my neighbor who was just starting to learn drums, so as the years went on, we both got better. I've never even watched an instructional video. I have a few books but I never really read them.
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By ear.

I kinda wish I learned without internet. It's made me so lazy

It made most of us lazy.
I learned without internet. Granted I knew other instruments, so it helped. Just books and dickin' around
Surely any of the many guitarists who were self-taught before the advent of the internet did so without the help of said internet... right?
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It doesn't matter too much if it's a book or if it's off the internet, you still had to read to help you learn guitar. They're all just tools to help you improve. Use as many as you can. I don't think you can go wrong that way.
I used books to teach myself at first...then when I ran out of books, I started to use the internet.

Chord books are so massively useful it's never made sense to me why all the metal guys who started off with tabs and shredding have a hard time learning chords...I mean, you can learn those 5 billion notes in succession, but can't memorize a bunch of hand positions.
In all seriousness I don't use either to teach myself. Playing along to the radio and records can go a long way. Pretty sure they had them 20+ years ago.

Books help though.
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Books, records, sheet music, etc.
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The traditional hardcore autodidactic way is to slow down records. Wes Montgomery taught himself entirely by listening to Charlie Christian records until he could play every lick and solo the man ever played.

This was before they had books on how to play jazz guitar, and over a decade before rock even existed, though.

Before all the great guitar books we take for granted, people learned to play entirely by ear if they had to teach themselves, and before there was any formal pedagogy for jazz and rock like there is now, you had no choice but to teach yourself.
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In all seriousness I don't use either to teach myself. Playing along to the radio and records can go a long way. Pretty sure they had them 20+ years ago.

Yep, we did, infact I learned to play mainly from recordings, they were on these round plastic things called 'records'.
I used tabs when I started but I can't remember the last one I looked up, must've been months ago. I have a good ear, but if I had to try and transcribe things when I first started I don't know if I'd have stuck with it.
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My former teacher who was close to 60 said back in the day they'd just listen to the radio and try to replicate it.
Started playing around 1976. No Internet no DVDs....I learned from books, magazines like Guitar Player, and stealing licks from friends.