So i made a fingerstyle arrangement for the intro song to the '77 Winnie the Pooh movie that goes 'Deep in the Hundred acre woods..." - yeah, i really love and miss that song.

Anyway, the song was pretty straight forward - i don't know much about theory - except for the odd bits and pieces that i pick up here and there - but i was able to figure out the tune is in the key of C, and i basically constructed it from scratch from there.

Now i'm at a dilemma. Right now all i have is the backbone of the song which is basically the chord, and the melody and it sounds you know, kinda bland. I tried adding percussion and it made it a bit better but it still sounds too simple. Any help is appreciated ^^
G(g)od was like: "Make you an ark of gopher wood; rooms shall you make in the ark, and shall pitch it within and without with pitch."

And i was like: "What's gopher wood?"
play around in c major and try to find the notes for the vocal melody there has to be more than one chord incorporated