Hi, there. I'm not familar with effects pedal actually. This is my first purchase. I have no clue which is the best. I'm just wanting an effect to help inspire me. Someone said delay has always been the best for me. One can get some really cool sounds with it, and it's very versatile. But I don't want spent much on it. I've just googled this one. The price serves my needs well. But I'm not sure about its performance. Is it any better than delay??
i got a boss rv-5 digital reverb and its pretty awesome you can actually hear examples of the plate and spring effects on my profile player "surf" and "exotic"
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Whats your budget??

I suggest you order a cheap multi f/x unit so you can figure out all the effects pedals, and then start buying individual higher quality pedals.
I'm not the one to know anything about this as mine is multieffects but why don't you try going in store and trying a few out? That way you can pick the sound you want.
telling us what you play would really help. type of guitar played and amp would help as well.
I would take some time to learn about what each pedal does and how to incorperate that in your playing. You went from talking about a delay pedal to linking an over drive pedal which couldn't be more different and it just feels like a troll.

I would say get a multi FX unit, don't go buy an amp that has built in effects *unless your amp sucks anyways and the FX amp is a significant upgrade anyway*. See if you can borrow pedals off friends etc. Dont just go thinking hey that looks cool and its cheap, coz chances are it will sit on your shelf. Im guessing stuff like digitech RP255's are dirt cheap in the USA which are simple enough units wit alot of settings. There are probably alot of things out there for a similar price and probably better.
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Link isn't a delay pedal...

Not an adbot, but I'm confused too, it linked me to a $20 "tube overdrive" pedal. xD Anyways, I'd go with a Digitech RP series pedal. I had an RP90, and the distortions are sorta eh, but the effects themselves are nice, and you get a load of them. I got mine for $130 new two years ago. My buddy has an RP200 too, he got it for $100 used, and that's nice too, the distortion's better on that one IMO, but it's a little harder to use and the expression pedal's a little wonky. So...yeah. I'd check out the RP pedals. If you're not familiar with effects, don't dump a crapload of money on seperate pedals, even if they're cheap(and in some cases, like Behringer, there can be a HUGE quality drop), you'll have to buy cables for all of those and you can get a decent multi-FX for less. xD
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Zoom products are good. The Zoom G2 sounds amazingly better than the RP50 and such.
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