hi,today i have the opportunity to buy musicman jp6 basic version that have dot inlays and none piezo version with wood color neck
i want to know how is it's quality compared to the piezo version?is it the same? the basic is 1800$ and the piezo 2.300 is all of that for the piezo pickup?

and another question, will this guitar go out of tunewith dive bombs
?how is it's tuning stability? how is it compared to esp mii?
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i have played both, rather recently guitar center had one of each, although they felt a little different to me, i didn't feel any difference in quality in the reg v. the piezo. piezo pickups are expensive, expecially good ones that Music Man would use.
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There is no difference apart from the lack of piezo, and aesthetic differences of inlays & matching headstock. They're all made on the same machines.

The tuning stability is very good. You can do divebombs and it will stay in tune, but if you go crazy with the trem you might not be happy with it. Its stable enough for moderate use, but for trem wanking ala Steve Vai it won't stay in tune as well as a good Floyd setup. That said, I have no problems with the trem on my JP7 at all, its an excellent unit.