I'm proud to show you the outcome of my latest guitar tinkering.

It's a stacked humbucker, that I made myself.
The bottom photo is a before and after, I made it from the bridge pickup, the top humbucker is the neck, which are stock humbuckers from my 90's Ibanez.
Basically, I took apart the bridge pickup, which was mounted to a circuit board, so there were notches near the winding leads on the bottom of the bobbins, which made it easier to conceal the soldered wires beneath the tape.
The coils were stacked, and I put alnico pole pieces down through both coils, which luckily, are only about a 1/16" of an inch shorter than being flush on the bottom.
Then I made the baseplate out of plastic, and mounted it with screws.
I did run into trouble, having to solder the hair thin wires to the regular lead wires, but i know that it works, because once finished, it reads on the ohm meter at a little more than 13K ohms.
The reasoning for this? To balance out the HSH configuration on my Ibanez with it's surprisingly hot GFS pickups I just installed in the neck and bridge positions.
Fingers crossed that once put in the middle position in place of the single coil, it does great.
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Quote by Chaos-Serenade
Alrighty then.
Apparently the wrong place to post a creation that I'm proud of.

It would probably work better in GG&A, but I got to say, that's pretty effing cool.

Making your own pickup is something to be proud of, so enjoy it, and I hope it sounds good.

Where's Waldo?
Sorry about that, I didn't know.
I've been reading up on them and it seems as if they have reduced output for some reason, I'm guessing since the bottom coil is farther from the strings, is this true?
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I got it installed and working.
I ran into many wiring problems, for some odd reason, I had it at full output, but not hum cancelling.
It was very confusing, so I eventually added 4 wires and got it figured out.
I'm very impressed with it, it honestly sounds like a true single coil, but noiseless, and balances better with the neck and bridge humbuckers.
It's very clean and in positions 2 and 4 very twangy.
Once I'm able to, I'll post clips.
Cusp of Magic
^You sure you aren't just getting signal from one coil? Also if you raise the poles a small bit out of the bobbin you'll get a better response from the pickup, especially from the D and G strings.

Interesting though, good job!
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