I wrote this for a project for my last year in what we Swedes call gymnasiet. I never got around to recording it completely (Still missing drums and bass, not to mention that what I did was sloppy and rushed), but I still recieved a good grade based on this one and some of the other stuff I worked on (Most never finished, but seen as good ideas to work from). I honestly have no idea what genre I should say it is, hence the very uncertain thread title. I know it's a weak ending, but in the end I rushed while I was busy with other schoolwork. The title of the song doesn't really mean anything important, it's just an abbreviation of Swedish words I used to mark that this was part of my project. Any critiques are appreciated.

//The file was too big and I posted before I noticed, I'll try to uploading it soon.
///It should be up now. And I just noticed C++ has changed my way of noting changes in my posts.
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I really like the distorted guitar riff around bar 76

This song makes me feel like I'm wandering aimlessly through the woods. It has this rural, small town vibe where there's a lot of little things happening but nothing jumps out and immediately grabs your attention
Thank you for replying. Some of the people I know have said similar things, in that the music somehow describes something. One of them said that he saw a landscape building up when he listened, which wasn't too far from what you said there if you think about it. It's really interesting to hear what people make of it, and makes it feel like the many hours I put into this wasn't wasted.

I'd love to hear what people think of how I handled time changes and the key change in the middle of the song.

//If you need a .gp4 or something else rather than .gp5, it could be arranged. Either leave a reply or send me a pm and I'll get right on to it.
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Returning your critique from a while back... First thought is, "Whoa."

I love the atmosphere of the intro. The 9/8 part is like a good shift, and when it goes back into the 6/4 I feel like lyrics should come in. The 5/4 is AMAZING. Just off the chain, it's perfect in every fashion in my eye. But when the 6/4 comes back in... I felt like this part could be overdoing it a little bit at this point... 76 is amazing!! I feel it could use a bassier sound though. Not really digging 92 to be honest... but either 100, or 101, it starts getting good again. But around that part the song doesn't honestly feel to be going anywhere.... I hate to say that... It has good concepts embedded throughout it.. But it doesn't feel to be progressing towards something stronger... Ya know what I mean? Around that point... I felt the urge to skip past some parts... :\ I'm sorry... As for easy listening unconsciously this song is great... If this was written for like video game back up type music, it'd be perfect... But I doubt I would enjoy it outside of that... :\ Good song however... Although awfully repetitive... But maybe you were going for that...? 6/10... I'm sorry brother.
I feel like the time signatures you employ are what creates that sensation of movement that other people have commented on, particularly the 5/4 part. For some reason, 5/4 time signature makes me think of airplanes, trains, etc... "Fives" by Guthrie Govan is a good example of what I'm talking about.

As far as the atmosphere, it definitely reminds me of older King Crimson, especially with your choice of instrumentation, particularly the use of the flute.

Also, I noticed the key change mid song... I don't know as much music theory as you so I can't tell how you modulated it (all I see is a bunch of flat signs becoming natural signs), but it did sound smooth to my ear.

As far as critiques go, I kind of have one, but it's not really a critique. You've created a really good atmosphere in this song and the melodies within it are catchy, but none of them jump out and grab you like someone noted above. I feel like this song needs vocals, or maybe some lead guitar breaks. I could just be saying that because I like guitar-dominant music though.

Anyways, overall very well composed. If you wouldn't mind, I have a "progressive" rock tune I just posted.. if you would like to critique it, you can find it here.