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I still play the guitar. I might even enjoy it.
219 89%
Brb, finding the picture of Fry squinting.
27 11%
Voters: 246.
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Pit, I joined here after lurking for a sec, but that was after I had used the site for tabs for a long while prior to that. I still play guitar.

I'm assuming most of you stumbled upon the Pit while looking for tabs too, or jumped ships from another forum or something... but anyway... do you still play the guitar or are you just a lazy Pitmonkey?
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This is a guitar website?
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I've never been a serious player, it's just a hobby, but i actually just finished playing for like half an hour. I usually play for a little bit at least every other day
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Yeah, I went from playing brutal shit to stuff that will hopefully get me laid though.

So far, no success. I played Wonderwall and everything!
Not nearly as much as I used to/should.
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well i haven't been on the site very long, but I've been playing guitar for a couple years now.

While the mystery element of learning guitar is starting to go away, it's still just as fun as ever.
I still play, sometimes pretty often sometimes not at all. Depends if I'm home during the appropriate playing hours and if I feel like playing
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I don't progress. But I play chords and stuff, cause chicks dig it.
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Yes. I could do more, but I have other hobbies and responsibilities so I don't play as often as I should.
I still play, but I'm not as interested in becoming a super technical player as I was back then, which in turn made me the mediocre player I am today. On the upside, I started making my own music and learning a lot about other aspects of music to really care about that
Have played non-seriously for a few years, until a few weeks ago -- now I'm back into my 1.5-hours-a-day minimum.
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I don't play at all. My coordination is far too horrible to even consider playing. I came here when I attempted to play 4 years ago, though.
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Been playing more piano lately than guitar, but keeping both up. Trying to arrange a shit ton of dream theater for piano.
I've pretty much quit. I still have a few guitars and an amp around here, but i don't have the time/motivation for it anymore.
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I'm more into composing then playing now. But I still enjoy playing the heavy stuff and head banging. I would play more if I had a good recording device and fixed my speaker.
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Pfft, if you google 'Fry squint' it's the first hit.

But yes, my piano and guitars keep me sane. I can't imagine life without them.
I want to read your essays and blogs of the artistic nature!

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I play on and off. Sometimes I'll even write something I like. I don't really play tabs anymore, though. I usually just grab it and play around for a little while. Theeen, back to the rack it goes.
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I still play Hell I even got an electric stand-up bass today

ooo do want
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I play in a band, so yeah.
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I began to sing more and more, and eventually I realised I'd much rather sing something than pick up a guitar and play it. So I call myself a singer now, I still play guitar but it's pretty much exclusively to write music. I never learn covers or work on my chops any more.
3-4 hours a day
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I haven't played seriously for ~3 years, maybe once or twice a month I'll pick up my acoustic and play a few songs.
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the number of pit monkeys who have stopped playing guitar because of the pit is astounding.
I'm not a James Hetfield fan
My username is "hames jetfield" because "farty mriedman" sounds weird.

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i have rabies from licking my pet rat's face

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