What is the best martin under $1000? How does it compare to other guitars under $1000. Martin? Taylor? Gibson? Or another brand?
I just bought the DCX1E a month ago. I love it. Not all natural wood, but it has that Martin sound I was looking for.
in the under $1000 category, martins have different bracing, which means different tone. i'd consider that martin offers better value than taylor at the lower prices - you can't get an all solid taylor for $1000, but you can choose from several all solid martins. gibson doesn't make an under-$1000 guitar, and epiphone - their lower priced label - doesn't make many guitars i'd consider, although i suggest you take a look at their masterbilt line, which are all solid.

you might consider the martin 15 series. if you talk to some dealers, you can probably score a 15 series martin for a grand or under. they're all solid martins that are all mahogany, and most players love 'em. keep in mind that martin does not allow the dealers to post their lower prices, so they list MAP prices - you will have to email the dealers, but some offer MUCH lower prices than stores like guitar center or musicians friend. i suggest if you're interested you contact www.laguitarsales.com , www.myfavoriteguitars.com and www.maurysmusic.com for their prices.

blueridge, larrivee (north american made), recording king and eastman offer much better value than martin, taylor or gibson at the $1000 or under price range, and at this range they often offers better sounding guitars. but check out the martin 15 series, and i suppose the 1 series, as both are all solid and pretty good value.
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The Martin OM-1 and D-1 are under $1000. Made in the USA, solid Spruce top, back and sides... stratabond neck (looks different, feels fine). Sounds like a Martin, plays like a Martin, just low on bling.
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