my guitar is in standard tuning , but the high E string is not in tune no matter what i do!!

when i hit the 5th fret , its "A" , but when i hit the 17th fret its A# lol

any idea what could be the reason ? is it an intonation problem? please help!!
1. Check that your strings are wound on properly and that they're in good condition.
2. If they're new strings make sure they're stretched properly.
3. Check your nut.
4. Check your neck.
5. Check your string height.
6. Check your intonation.
7. Check your ears.
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You shouldn't be "hitting" any of the frets, it will probably damage the strings. Try fretting them instead. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Only thing you really need to check is intonation really.
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7. Check your ears.

whats wrong with my ear ? lol my pedal and some online tuners are saying all the same!! anyone can hear it as well!! but thanks for your tips
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Its your intonation, that's it. What type of bridge do you have?

its a fixed bridge!! thnx
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its a fixed bridge!! thnx

Is it a tune o matic like this?

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