i believe its an ovation not sure on the exact model


im going to guess its a "celebrity" or and "Elite XT" by the placment of the whole but since thats an older model i dont know exactly
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Hey. Thanks for the reply. Its a renasiannce Rs-6....Ok Im kinda new to guitars and sounds they make but does it sound like that because its so old or because its steel strings? It sounds so rich and loud. Also does anyone know of any good steel string guitars that will have a good fleetwood mac sound for around 400$?
It sounds richer because he's playing into a large room with amplification, making it sound full bodied.
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Buckingham is a notoriously picky musician when it comes to sound and sound reinforcement. He loves to tinker in the studio and by all accounts was always trying new and different ways to get special sounds.
For instance, putting a small amp in his bathroom and mic-ing the sound from that amp to another...
Ovations have always had the reputation of sounding good "plugged in", even when they didn't sound particularly good played acoustically.
So if you're impressed with Buckingham's sound on that recording, you'll have to research what kind of sound-reinforcement setup he was using.