My band Silver Orchids are looking for a new bassist to replace our current bassist who leaves at the end of the month.

In this month we are looking for a replacement to come and practice with our current bassist in our band sessions before we make a final decision on his replacement.

Unlike alot of bands we don't have alot of guidelines or requirments to become our next permanent bassist so even if you havent' played bass for long we will be interested but only in the right candidate for the role.

A little info about my band

We've been together a year just taking our time to perfect our sound and get our band to a high quality without rushing it, at the moment we have a few fully finished songs and have a lot of ideas to work on. Also we have recently played our third gig at the joiners with a good level of feedback.
Any videos/recordings?

I'm not interested personally but I would have thought some info on what you actually play would be useful.