Bit of a read but please help lol

so i bought my electric the other day and started taking all the plastic covering off, like on the pickups etc. it took me a while to realaise but the pickguard has one as well - aria stg-stv if that helps. now ive tried removing the plastic but i need some help:

there is still some plastic under the volume and tone knobs that i cant get out, its making noise and providing slight resistance.

how can i remove the plastic? if i need to take out the knobs how can i do that too?

just pull them off if they are the ones that look like little hats if not they might have a small allen key screw in the side of them after you take that out they should just pop right off
I had the same thing with my Fender Strat (about 8 years ago). In most cases you can just pull the knobs right off (but be careful, I don't know about the aria brand)
Try reaching the hard-to-reach places with a strong pair of pincers?
I fell asleep on my arm once, scariest thing that ever happened to me. I thought it was kill.
some ppl also just leave it there =P
(it was the first guitar i've ever seen where pots made noise when the guitar was unplugged )
If they're metal knobs sometimes they have screws on em. Just loosen those if you got em and pull the knobs off.